Chikara! Chikara!

"The author has done meticulous research and he is a masterful storyteller."
--The San Diego Union

"This is a novel that could be recommended to anyone interested in history or who just wants a good book to read"
--The Houston Chronicle

Gray Victory Gray Victory

"This vast, boisterous, yet well-controlled story is an artful rewriting of history"
--Publishers Weekly

"Those who enjoy a view from farther out on the literary limb can curl up in comfort with this book. The writer's imagination is potent."
--The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Ulysses S. Grant: A Novel Ulysses S. Grant : A Novel

"Better than the biographies."
--The Dallas Morning News

The River and the Horsemen The River and the Horsemen

"A slashing good yarn that grabs you and never lets go...Custer's Last Stand has never been better told."
--Dr. Frank Vandiver, former president Texas A&M

Cluster's Luck Cluster's Luck

"Little Bighorn goes Custer's way in this lively 'what if' novel...a plausible Custer, flawed, flamboyant, and thoroughly entertaining."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"...vividly imagined alternative history. . . From the smoke-filled rooms of Tammany Hall to the perfumed boudoirs of famous mistresses. . . Custer's luck will run out, but getting there is all the fun in this preposterous and highly entertaining yarn of fame, politics, and power".
-- Publishers Weekly

Footprints of Heroes Footprints of Heroes

"In Robert Skimin's capable hands, all of American battle history comes to life through the actions of the heroes he has selected. Some are familiar. Others are obscure. But Skimin captures their spririt and reminds us of the significance of their selfless service to nation. This is a great read!
--- Harold Nelson, Brigadier General, USA (Ret.) Former Chief of Military History, past president of the Army Historical Foundation, and editor in chief of "The Army" magazine .