The Violent Sky

A blockbuster aviation novel that covers three generations of pilots, male and female, both World Wars, and all of the flying and political life in between. Set mostly in Britain, Germany and France, the story encompasses the growth of the RAF and the WWI Richtofen air war to the inside of Hitler's Luftwaffe, the Battle of Britain and the rest of WWII. Naturally, all of it can't be set in Harry's American Bar in Paris, but there is plenty of romance, sex, tragedy and even part of the Holocaust...a Colditz escape, and a vivid look at a special burn hospital, as Goering's jets almost turn the tide. A pilots' story by an experienced pilot. Two Volumes.


A huge novel of 20th Century Russia. Centered on a talented fictional family from St. Petersburg, the story will begin the night of the October, 1917, Bolshevik revolution and run until Stalin's death. It will include the gamut of Russian politics, arts, wars, literature, terrors, genocide...from the Gulag to ballet to America. The major historical figures of the century will all appear as characters, while the full flavor and enigma of the Russian world will be developed much the same as Chikara!captured the essence of the Japanese...all in one powerful volume.

Danny Drumm's Heroes

A children's series. History of America wrapped around its heroes. Danny Drumm, a Civil War drummer boy, narrates to his little dog Shadow. Wonderfully illustrated in color. The appealing Shadow is in every painting, so the kids are going to lock on him and love him. Continuing from our beginnings chronologically, 3-4 books per year. Hardcover, now from Sunland Books. Deeply tested with teachers, this series will be primarily an elementary school teaching tool with wide ranging potential. Also to be published in Spanish in the future. And, of course, it's meant for Mama's (and Grandma's) lap reading. Should be an excellent library item as well.

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